Our Organ:

In 1977 the Gress-Miles Organ Company of Princeton, New Jersey was commissioned to build a new three manual organ (specifications) to replace an instrument, which had been in the chancel of the church since 1938. The resulting instrument is the magnificent 37 stop “tracker action” organ now residing in the rear balcony of the sanctuary which fills the space with exceptional sound every Sunday morning.


The term “tracker action” refers to the direct mechanical linkage between the keys on the console and the individual pipes. This provides a better “feel” and a quicker the touch of the organist, than an “electro pneumatic” action, where the organist’s touch of a key activates an electric valve that opens to create the sound. It is sometimes possible, in quieter sections of music, to hear the sound of the trackers opening the valves. 

Our organ was the first tracker action organ to be built by the Gress-Miles Company. The instrument has been featured in the American Organist magazine. A number of organists of national and international repute have performed on it.

In 2009 a restoration by the Andover Organ Company in Methuen, MA, an internationally known organ builder, was completed.  The most exciting component of the restoration is the addition of twelve 32-foot pipes, which add a deep, rich quality to the music.