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Our 8th Grade Confirmation Program is called Way of Life.  

Way of Life Confirmation Program 2019-2020

In 2015 First Church shifted from a 9th into 10th grade Confirmation program to one that begins in 8th grade during the Church School hour (Sept –June) and then continues into 9th grade (meeting weekly in the afternoon or evening) from September to early November.

Since 2010, our Confirmation program has been taught in two distinct sections: Way of Life (Sept- first week in June) followed by Nuts & Bolts (Sept-first week in Nov). 

Way of Life offers youth an opportunity to explore issues of faith in a small group setting. Session topics include: Life, Bodies, Stuff, Choices, Friends, Welcome, Forgiveness, Justice, Grieving, Music, Prayer and Practice.  along with the "nuts and bolts" of our faith, learning about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the sacraments and the church. We use music, film clips, games, crafts, and scripture and spiritual practices explore issues important to teenagers.

There will be an orientation session for those 8th graders interested in participating in the Way of Life confirmation class, date to be announced. 

In the September 2020 they begin the “Nuts & Bolts” portion of the Confirmation program with Pastors Bridget and celebrate the Rite of Confirmation in November 2021.

Those choosing to begin Way of Life Confirmation this fall should attend worship on October 27th, Bible Sunday to receive their new Bible