Women's Fellowship News!


Women's Fellowship News

Have you ever wondered just what Women's Fellowship is all about?  Well, for the next few months each committee will tell you a little of what they do.

Chancel Guild

The Chancel Guild Committee started about 35 years ago when Rev. Gorman Smith asked Alice Dorn to form a committee to take care of the chancel.  Alice, in her quiet way, has done just that for many years. These are some of the duties of the committee:

Flowers ordered for Sunday Services

Flowers delivered to shut-ins each Sunday

Women's Fellowship Treasurer collects money for memorial flowers

Paraments changed with each liturgical season

Palm Sunday, Easter and Christmas decorations

Poinsettias and Easter Flowers delivered to shut-ins

Polishing brass candlesticks and candelabra

Ordering and changing of candles as needed

The Chancel Guild Committee consists of about 16 members who have various assignments from taking care of the chancel to visiting shut-ins with flowers each week.  We find great joy in preparing this sacred place for worship as part of our spiritual journey.  Anyone who would be interested in joining us, please contact Diana Simmons at 668-7948.