Glad Tidings Silent Auction

Glad Tidings Silent Auction




Glad Tidings Auction

Formerly called Make It, Bake It Auction


2020 has been a year of remarkable change! With this Covid pandemic we have all encountered shut downs, slow downs, and social distancing.

We are hoping to make your holiday season a little brighter by inviting you to join us for the Glad Tidings Auction. For almost 20 years now Women’s Fellowship has hosted a Make It, Bake It Auction, with all proceeds benefiting the Suffield Emergency Aid Fuel Bank. This year, the name has changed, the location has changed, but the purpose remains the same. There will be fun, fellowship, and funds going to the Suffield Emergency Aid Fuel Bank.


What? -    Glad Tidings Auction- to benefit Suffield Community Aid Fuel Bank                             


Who? -      All members and friends of First Church are invited!


Where? -   From the comforts of your own home! 


How? -   This event will be held online! All you need is a device (computer, Ipad, cell phone) with which you can silently bid online for items.


When? -  Online bidding begins Friday, December 4th at noon. Auction will run through Thursday, December 10th, when we will have a zoom party beginning at 7pm, celebrating the closing of this event. Links to the online auction  & closing party will be coming soon!


Again this year we are looking for people to donate items to the auction. The difference is this year we need items in advance. Donated items need to be dropped off at the church by Monday, November 30th. Please include a written description of your item along with its value. Click HERE to sign up to donate to our Auction!

-The auction is open to both men and women, please keep that in mind when making your donation. If you are not comfortable bringing your item to the church, please call the church office and arrangements can be made for pick up. 
-If you are donating a perishable item, please take a picture of the item of or something to represent the item, and write a description of the item, and send it to the church office. We do not want to hold perishable items in the church for that length of time. Perishable Item drop offs will be determined as needed.


It is important to have your items at the church for November 30th. Time is needed for taking pictures and uploading, to ensure the online bidding can begin on Friday, December 4th. A link to this auction will be sent out prior to the start.


The auction will conclude on Thursday night, December 10th from 7pm-8pm with a zoom celebration! Cathie Ellithorpe will be our host and will reveal the winners on zoom. (A zoom link for this evening will be sent out closer to December 10th). We encourage you to join us for “glad tidings and cheer” with a glass of wine, or whatever your favorite beverage may be, as we “social distantly” celebrate this holiday season, while supporting the Suffield Community Aid Association Fuel Bank.


If you have questions, please contact Cyndie DeMur (860-502-5764) or Dianne Remington (860-550-2252).

Thank you for your support with this mission and outreach opportunity!

December 10, 2020 - 7:00pm-9:15pm 
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