Autism Awareness - March 19th - 2:00

Autism Awareness - March 19th - 2:00

Whether you are a faith formation leader, a music minister, a youth group member or choir member, or member-at large, you have found something special in your community of faith. Most likely, you want to share what you have found with others. Sometimes extending a welcome is as easy as saying “Hello!” to an unfamiliar face. Sometimes it’s a little more involved.

There are people in your community who want to have that feeling of belonging, to discover a place where they are loved, accepted and even celebrated for what they have to offer. Your faith community could be that place for them.


Faith-based Communities and Autism Spectrum Disorder:

Making the Welcome Real

Presented by

Autism Services & Resources CT

March 19, 2017 at 2:00pm

First Church Congregational, UCC

81 High St. Suffield, CT 06078



Autism is a lifelong neurobiological developmental disorder that can affect nearly every aspect of an individual’s life. The current incidence rate is 1 in 68 (1 in 42 for boys). People with autism can look just like you and me. They want to belong – just like we do. Challenges posed by autism can make this difficult, but you and your community can help. With a little bit of information, you can make a real and lasting difference in the lives of children, teens, adults and families challenged by autism.


“Our students with autism grasp God’s love for them and how to share it with others. As I watch them grow, I see that his Spirit is much more powerful than the human mind.”

Julie Keith, a special needs pastor, quoted in Christianity Today, September 2016


Autism Services & Resources CT (ASRC) has a history of training community members across CT. The ASRC is a recognized source of quality training and professional development regarding this unique and challenging population. Sara Locke will be the primary instructor for this training.


“The instructor was very captivating – the relating of personal experience was very powerful”

 Past training participant.


Come join us and Make the Welcome Real! Refreshments will be served!